Fastrack Your Product to the Market


Deliver Your Apps and Services to the Market at High Velocity

Software is no longer a supporting character for your business, but an integral player to determine your success. Our unique blend of services including cultural and organizational philosophies, practices, and tools – are all geared to increase your company’s capacity to deliver your product to the market with measurably greater speed. With Aykan, enhance your overall customer services and engage the market in a more profitable manner simultaneously within a lower timeframe and at a lower cost.

Our DevOps Services And Capabilities


Continuous Integration

Merge new codes into a central repository, automate builds and tests, detect and fix bugs rapidly, enhance software quality, and reduce the validation time required for new upgrades.


Continuous Delivery

Code changes are directed towards automated testing such as UI, load, integration, API reliability, etc. allowing developers to thoroughly verify updates and proactively identify problems.


Speed & Reliability

Increase release speed and frequency of client responses for a competitive advantage. Also, ensure application upgrade quality and high user experience with live monitoring and logging.

Our Tech Stack - The Building Blocks of Success

Product Engineering - Aykan Service Offerings

Services Includes:
  • Detailed study report of your project need and relevant CI/CD tools suggestions with technical justifications
  • CI/CD Architecture which explains the approach towards achieving CI/CD and probable challenges
  • POC to boost your confidence before taking a step towards achieving CI/CD
  • Detailed report on ROI
Setup & Empower
Services Includes:
  • All services covered under Consultancy Package
  • One time setup of CI/CD pipelines
  • Empower your team members to handle CI/CD pipelines on their own.
  • On demand need basis support
Managed Service
Services Includes:
  • All services covered under Consultancy Package
  • Dedicated team to setup and support CI/CD
  • 24X7 Support to resolve blockers in CI/CD pipelines
  • Print and Video documentation of each deliverables
  • Knowledge Transfer

Build Test and Deploy Your Code Across Platforms with Ease and Efficiency