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Application Development and Re-Engineering

Build cloud-native applications in Azure and achieve advanced performance and adaptation internally and externally.


Cloud Solutions & Migration

Ensure a smooth transition to a cloud environment that meets your business needs with our cloud solutions that deliver upon your desired outcomes.


Product Engineering

Our product engineering services help you to design and develop robust software applications and also upgrade and manage existing solutions.



Bridge the gap between development and operations with our DevOps services, and ensure rapid application delivery and high operational efficiency.


User Experience (UX)

Ensure tangible business results with our client-focused, user and customer experiences development along with building engaging user interfaces.

We Are Aykan

Take your company to unimaginable heights with our ultra-modern technologies

A technology partner that delivers innovative solutions, groundbreaking technologies, and unmatched services, Aykan enable the transformation of your business in every possible aspect. We deliver unparalleled client support with cutting-edge technology solutions and understand your business objectives so we can cater to your specific needs and help you achieve your ultimate goals.

How We Work

Check Out What Makes us Tick and Why

1. Choose a Service

Every business requires targeted solutions. You can choose from our portfolio of advanced technological services to suit your needs.

2. Request a meeting

Our experts will partner with you to make your vision a reality. Share your contact details and we’ll get to you immediately.

3. Receive a Custom Plan

We provide the latest technological solutions to ensure you always have a competitive edge.

Discover the Aykan Advantage

Value your Time, Energy & Money

“We knew that creating impactful software products for our business would depend on the partner we chose to work with. We decided to go with Aykan after thorough research and we’re so glad that we did. They work exceptionally hard to tackle various business challenges and create a custom product of any complexity. We’re very pleased with the outcome and look forward to partnering with them in the future.“

Sai Kumar Kata –
Head of Operations at Yagna Soft

Domain Expertise

“I availed Aykan’s managed service for an App Development. And guess what? They knew my customer behaviour and domain really well! I figured out many business aspects related to my product during the course of discussion with their domain expert.”

Venkatesh Babu –
President & Head – IT at Cafe Coffee Day

Technical Superiority

“Aykansoft has been a great business partner for MarginPoint. When we needed additional engineering resources to develop our new Field Service Management application, we partnered with Aykansoft. They provided high quality software developers who worked very closely with our internal team and helped us deliver on our projects faster than ever. “

Soheil Raissi –
CTO at MarginPoint

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help you transform your enterprise