The Industry Challenge

Large and mid-sized educational institutes aiming to grow in stature face a number of challenges when it comes to their sales and marketing processes. Especially during large-scale marketing campaigns, tracking progress can get arduous, and communication between internal teams is not streamlined. This leads to internal confusion and diminishes the overall potential of the campaign.

The executives at these institutes were looking for an online database where the many teams could coexist, share and update their progress on the go, and fine-tune their campaign operations on the whole.

The Aykan Methodology

Aykan mapped out the following steps to provide our clients with the appropriate CRM solutions.

Understanding Client Needs

An in-depth audit and survey were conducted to understand current client needs. This included the client’s existing processes, the kind of analytics they were looking for, as well as the tasks that were excessively time-consuming.

Extensive Research

The Aykan team carried out exhaustive research about the current CRM tools that were in play across the nation and the globe and weighed the pros and cons of each.

Building the CRM

After completing due diligence, Aykan’s experienced teams of software developers, in tandem with web designers, came up with an elaborate and practical CRM platform that was primed to meet the client’s needs.

Salient Features of Aykan’s CRM

Institutes no longer have to shoehorn pre-existing, incompatible solutions for their campaigns. Aykan’s CRM is tailor-made and purpose-built, keeping in mind the needs of educational institutes, making it the right fit.

Aykan’s CRM has multiple, modifiable levels of information access, headed by the admin role. The admin can add, remove, and change access levels for all members and teams in the organization.

Aykan’s CRM allows seamless coordination and communication between different internal teams such as sales and marketing, ensuring optimum operational efficiency while avoiding any confusion.

The Aykan CRM provides individual employees and teams precise performance reports on specific marketing campaigns, while the administrator has access to progress reports on every team’s performance.

Integrated CRM Modules

The dashboard displays an overview of operations, including upcoming campaigns, tasks, events, etc., as well as overall performance metrics for individual teams.

This allows management of leads: adding and removing leads, scheduling activities, emails/calls, etc. It also allows lead filtering, sorting, and live status check.

The CRM can schedule activities to the second, track current lead status, and provide reminders and notifications using the ‘Activities’ tab.

The CRM allows clients to conduct marketing campaigns, create lead sets, group similar leads, and use email templates to reach out to said leads using the incredibly intuitive ‘Marketing’ tab.

The CRM delivers exhaustive performance reports for every team with interactive graphical representations, with modifiable access from the admin role.