The Industry Challenge

For online spaces built for free discussions, it can be a challenge to keep the participants involved in a meaningful way that doesn’t lead to confusion, delays, or misunderstandings.

The client wanted to build a responsive mobile application of Debate Software that caters to the users, providing a seamless experience and empowering them with the freedom to unleash their contribution to the betterment of society.

The Aykan Methodology

Understanding Customer Goals & Requirements

The Aykan team initiated their process by conducting engaging and lively discussions to gain a deeper understanding of the customer’s goals which led to the evolution of a concrete set of requirements.

Building a Quick Prototype

The design team at Aykan quickly developed a preliminary prototype of the software to showcase it to the client and gather relevant and valuable feedback from them.

Building the Application User Interface

Upon confirmation of a defined set of requirements and the existing prototype, Aykan’s UI/UX team designed the application’s user interface.

Performing Tests & Troubleshooting

After building the application user interface, Aykan developed a constant feedback and improvement loop to better the software product.

Delivering Maximum Customer Satisfaction

The final product was completed and delivered after several tests and troubleshooting, empowering the client to make a difference in the world with Debate Software.

Design Requirements Met by Aykan

Login, Profile, and Dashboard Integrations

  • We began by integrating multiple login options for users via Facebook, Gmail, or regular email and allowing the ability to import profile pictures from Facebook or add their own.
  • Next came providing the users with a list of debate subjects and asking them to choose at least five of their preferred ones.
  • This would lead them to a landing page on the dashboard, displaying all the debates related to the user’s preferences, along with the debate status—live, recorded, or scheduled.
  • We added options for users to join the live debates: register for the scheduled ones, and view the recorded ones.
  • The dashboard also included the option to search and find specific debates using the subject, name, and participant names, as well as providing the ability to follow individuals.

Profile Section

  • The profile section for the user included the ability to modify the profile picture and user details and change preferred debate subjects shown on the dashboard.
  • Also added was the feature that displays the number of people following the user as well as the people the user is following.


  • We added the option to create channels for users, which are essentially hierarchies of multiple debating groups under them. All debates are placed under one or more channels.
  • Users had the ability to create and edit the details of a debate and upload recordings of previous debates in their channels.
  • Users could subscribe to preferred channels and get updates on newly added debates.

Create & Conduct Debates

  • Coming to the actual debate section, a user can create a debate with specific details such as debate name, add a maximum of four panellists and one anchor, add date and time, enable/disable audience voting, tag relevant topics, access channel subscriber list, and send out debate invites.
  • The anchor acts as the moderator of the debate, possessing the control to start/stop the debate and shut down the panellists (the ones debating).
  • Audiences are provided with the option to vote in favour, against, or remain neutral in accordance with the subject. They can also select a panellist and give a thumbs-up visible to them.
  • Audiences have the option to invite other people to spectate the debate.
  • All the voting statistics are shown to all the participants of the debate.

The Conclusion

Aykan mapped out a number of development stages to thoroughly understand customer goals. This allowed our elite, experienced team of developers and designers to build an intuitive, seamless mobile platform for Debate Software — a platform tailor-made for conducting intelligent, interactive, and healthy discussions on a myriad of subjects, and promoting a more free-thinking and respectful society.