The Industry Challenge

Healthcare infrastructures worldwide have been strained heavily in the last few years, especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the biggest challenges has been keeping up with optimal care for patients with other ailments while still maintaining social distancing norms. Patients, doctors, and healthcare workers alike have faced this issue.

The market has been desperate for a telemedicine solution that allows healthcare professionals to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients at a distance.

The Aykan Methodology

Understanding Industry Scope

An in-depth audit and survey were conducted to understand the extent and scope of possibilities, as well as the pressing needs of everyone in the healthcare cycle.

Extensive Research

The Aykan team conducted exhaustive research about other similar ventures that were in play across the nation and globe and weighed the pros and cons of each.

Building a Platform

Aykan’s experienced teams of software developers, in tandem with web designers, came up with a seamless and interactive platform that connected patients to healthcare providers.

Review and Adaptations

A constant feedback and improvement loop was followed to better the software product.

Training and Troubleshooting

Upon complete implementation, the client team underwent extensive training and a workshop by our team of technical experts to ensure a smooth transition.

Salient Features of Aykan’s CRM

About Doclini

Doclini is a comprehensive telemedicine platform for patients and healthcare professionals that facilitates remote diagnosis and treatment. This reduces the burden on the healthcare infrastructures like clinics and hospitals. It allows healthcare providers to treat more people in less time.

Aside from more people being treated, patients enjoy the benefit of not missing work due to appointments, no travel expenses, and no exposure to other potentially contagious patients.

Healthcare providers benefit from increased productivity (i.e. increased revenue), better patient follow-through, and more positive outcomes.

Features & Integrations

Here are some of the key features and integration users experience with Doclini.

The interface has been designed by acknowledging the need for a telemedicine platform to be user-friendly, easy to use, and straightforward, regardless of the user’s technological proficiency.

The Doctor Mobile App allows the registered healthcare professional to generate medical prescriptions, place them for online consultations and OPD, and conduct audio/video sessions through WhatsApp integration.

Patients can register with their personal information on the web app, as well as book an appointment and access the consultation link using any smart device without having to download a mobile app.

Doctors and patients alike have to create a basic user profile to access the features, while healthcare providers can access previous patient information, including medication data and diagnosis history, to create the best course of treatment.

Doclini employs highly secure and strict control over patients’ medical records with the AWS cloud architecture. So, sensitive medical data is practically never lost or misused in any manner.

The Conclusion

With some smart planning and conceptualizing, Aykan put to task all its research and development capability in order to build this revolutionary platform to usher in the era of digital healthcare and telemedicine with Doclini – a platform that allows healthcare professionals to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients remotely in a safe and timely manner.