The Current Challenges

Our import-export oriented client was looking to upgrade their current business management solution. Their core challenges included inventory management, ensuring a smooth supply chain and logistics network with a seamless end-to-end process from order to delivery.

But there were several roadblocks like manual periodic inventory checks, maintaining critical data on spreadsheets and risking the loss of data if any adverse event occurred.

Additionally, the client firm was moving towards newer avenues globally. Thus, the firm’s top management required solutions that offered effective resource management, excellent customer satisfaction and had minimal scope for errors.

The Aykan Effect

Aykan conducted an in-depth audit of the existing customer processes. A laundry list of the different scope of tasks, current systems in place and every role’s critical aspect was identified and mapped out.

The Lean Methodology

Aykan follows the AGILE methodology ensuring that our practices were lean and would ensure a smooth transition.

Zero Waste Policy

Our client firm has worked extensively to gather its database and processes over the years and knowing this, we ensured a complete transition with zero waste through the entire process.

Single Point Solution

We assigned a core team member as a full-time representative to manage the client and address their pain points.

Arriving at Critical Control Points

At this point, we ensure that we understand the critical points that our clients face. These factors are critical in maintaining the company’s standard and reputation.

Prompt Solution-driven Process

We believe in implementing systems that work on a continual improvement basis. We implement our software on a pilot trial basis allowing our client to use the software firsthand anf provide feedback. We promptly create solutions and meet customer demands with minimum turnaround time.

Nuts and Bolts of the ERP Suite Delivered

Based on our client’s process history, client master records, personal information, ledgers and logs, we created an exhaustive data bank of all the information. We then upgraded this into client – friendly software that would allow ease of view and function. Instead of filling up 3-4 different spreadsheets for every order, we created an integrated CRM solution to act as a one-stop solution for the client’s needs. This included details like a quick overview or summary to give insights on the current status.

Price Management System

Owing to their import-export business, price management was a critical control point that needed to be aligned with market fluctuations. We ensured a smooth invoicing process, automated receipt delivery, complete credit advice and taxation process set up. Their global systems were set up to ensure a universally compliant, friendly system design that works seamlessly across borders.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the critical aspects of our client’s business and mismanaged inventory in the past had resulted in substantial losses. This added costs to the firm in resources, time and money. Aykan’s inventory management solution automated the process so the client could get a comprehensive summary of the current inventory status, the stocks that need to be ordered and more. We conducted the entire back-end analysis and delivered accurate results. This included a comprehensive, dynamic and innovative solution which included maintaining the stock list, keeping a tab of stock movement, the shelf life of the items and the return and replacement policies of the product.

Analysis and Reporting

One of the most important benefits the ERP solution extended to the customer was analysis and report. Prior to our ERP implementation, analysis and reporting was a highly time-intensive and laborious process that would require key members across the organization. With this automated system, our client gained access to real-time reporting when required. This also included timely sales reports, payment status, receipts report, the complete history of client transactions, ledger abstract and more.

Delivering our ERP as a SaaS

SaaS or Software as a Service was the most appropriate and professional format for our client. It helped them troubleshoot their storage, inventory sales, and availability hassles. Within this system, we created smooth and hassle-free product process flows that ensure that the entire process can be successfully completed. Because our clients prefer on-premise systems, we delivered the complete on-premise software. Based on client needs, we can effectively deliver customized on-premise or on cloud infrastructure that would suit the needs of every business. This let the customer have complete access to the system from their office, thus maintaining the desired integrity of the solution.

The Results

We were able to successfully identify the critical pain points and our thorough research with competitor analysis enabled us to come up with critical control points that were needed to be monitored and delivered as part of the ERP solution. Additionally, we used cutting-edge and industry-standard practices to ensure maximum output and productivity with minimal hassle of migrating from the older system to the newer one. Our team of experts also supported the client through the process of training and teething phase of migration.

The Conclusion

The firm experienced a seamless transition from a system that was holding their business back to a swift and prompt system that met their needs. With our 24X7 customer support, prompt query resolution and technical assistance, we ensured our client had a quick and a seamless experience.