The Current Challenges

A leading finance firm dependent on traditional means of managing resources, time, and employees carried out tasks that were completely manual, labour-intensive and time-consuming.

They spent countless HR man-hours carrying out the backend and administrative tasks, such as time management, leave management, employee logs, etc.

The client also spoke about their employees often approaching them with queries such as their salary structure bifurcation, leave policies, etc., which consumed more time and resources. They preferred to have a system in place that would simplify such tasks, right from reporting policies to data analysis.

The Aykan Methodology

At Aykan, we developed a practical, economical, modifiable, and accessible system that focuses on streamlining HR data. Here’s how we did it.

Understanding Client Needs

We took a deep dive into the current processes followed by the client organization, carrying out extensive knowledge transfers with HR managers, management, and employees. The aim was to internalize the core essence of the problems faced by them.


We undertook an extensive competitor study and analyzed existing HR management models to understand the pros and cons of each. We then inclined it with the demands of our clients in terms of customizing the product to their needs.

Creating a Pilot Infrastructure

Because the HR model has to include various modules such as managing remote employees and handling different kinds of employment contracts, we created a customized system that could meet these needs and gave it a test run.

Creating an MVP

Upon approval after suggestions and adaptations from the client, we created the MVP, i.e. the minimum viable product. This MVP meets all the urgent and basic needs of the clients. This was put out on a test run in conjunction with the existing system.

Review and Adaptations

A constant feedback and improvement loop was followed to better the software product.

Migration and Implementation

Once the internal teams within the client firm were content with the software and its functioning, we carried out a stepwise migration process into the new software and initiated a full-blown implementation program.

Training and Troubleshooting

Upon complete implementation, the client team underwent extensive training and workshop by our team of technical experts to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Exceptional Experiences for Exceptional Employees

Organization Setup

One of the more critical aspects of an HR management module is the importance of a baseline organizational setup. We identified the number of offices that would be HQ based, which regions or countries around the world needed to be monitored locally, and the mode or process of review to be set up for each. This included the organizational hierarchy, campus information, department, and sub-department bifurcation, as well as the reporting roles within each of these.

Employee Management

This section entails one of the core aspects of the HR management tool. Our employee management feature allowed us to create a centralized laundry list of employees, including all possible details related to the employee, and it became a one-stop solution for their management. Every aspect of the employee’s journey within the organization can be recorded, tracked, and analyzed with this feature.

Payroll and Finance Module

Another challenging aspect of an HR’s role is to maintain consistency and integrity with payroll management. Our firm helped our client with complete payroll management services, including calculating incentives, bonuses, overtime, and more. The client could also request a loan, track it, and manage it within the system. This completely automated the tedious process of monthly payroll disbursement.

Time & Attendance

The client’s firm had a range of different employee categories and various means of accessing their availability. While the non-sales staff remained within the premises of the organization all day, the sales staff had to travel across the country and even borders for work. The time and attendance management system accounted for their time, including auto-adjusting their leave calendar, keeping track of the leaves, as well as the number of hours they put in. This made it easier to conduct cost calculations due to leave deductions and work hour deductions, significantly simplifying the process.

Employee Console

The greatest benefit that the client experienced from this software tool was that the employees became self-sufficient with all their HR-related queries. Every employee had their own restricted access to their employee-related details. This became a one-stop front for leave applications, asking for permissions, getting approvals, and more.

The Results

We created a completely customized solution that allowed the client to meet their HR needs with ease.

The Conclusion

The client can now save hundreds of man-hours that were initially consumed by manual data entry. It has also reduced the number of small queries that the employees would have regarding employee management. The firm also observed that the employee could use a structured pattern to track and trace their requests and approvals. This improved overall organizational transparency and efficiency and reduced manual errors and complexities significantly.