What Are They?

SaaS, or “On-Demand Software”, is a software distribution model hosted by a cloud service provider for the end-users to access over the internet without needing to install software on their devices.

Based on the cloud delivery model, the software provider “hosts” the application using its own servers, databases, networks, and computing resources. Sometimes, an ISV (Independent Service Vendor) contracts a cloud provider to host the application in their centre.

Any device with a network connection can access the SaaS applications, with web browsers being the most common option.

Our Scope of SaaS Platform Services

Our SaaS platform services allow businesses to kickstart with services like ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), document management, and more.

Our capabilities include hosting your SaaS applications remotely, saving you the investment costs of additional hardware, as well as eliminating the need for installation, set-up, and daily maintenance.

Case Studies


A customer relationship management platform purpose-built for educational institutes looking to streamline the marketing and sales operations including a client database, distinct communication channels, as well as defined user roles.

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Our SaaS Platform Services in Action